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Less than 48 hours away!!!

I am writing this blog absolutely elated over the fact that I will be reunited with my girlfriend Marie after 5 long months in less than 48 hours! It is an extremely exciting thing to celebrate and I absolutely cannot wait. We will be getting away for a few days to the sunny beaches of Puerto Plata. It will be a perfect way for us to take some time to spend alone and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. I am slightly nervous but not terribly, just incredibly excited. I know that when she gets off of that plan we will just continue on with out missing a beat. We have had incredible communication during our 5 months of separation and I know how much we both want this. Its going to be amazing!

Since I am just 48 hours away from seeing Marie, it also means that I am currently at my 3-month In Service Training. This means that my diagnostic phase is finally completed and I can actually start working on the projects that I came here to do! Hooray! Me and my project partner presented our diagnostic yesterday and everything went extremely well. People seemed to think we did well. Today was a rather boring, but necessary workshop day of annual project planning that will serve each volunteer and his project partner well as they begin projects in their respective sites. 

I will be here in La Vega until friday morning at which point I will be getting a free ride (Thanks Tim!, my CBT trainer) to the santiago airport to pick up Marie!

All this also means another very important thing…. I finally moved into my house!! I am loving the privacy and comfort of my very own home here in the dominican republic. I have been living there for almost a week and have been enjoying cooking my own food, brewing strong coffee, and sleeping in with no distractions (when i can). Its really been great and I can’t wait to bring Marie back to the new house and show her all the stuff I have been working on to prepare the house!

I may or may not get a chance to put up a post while Marie is here, but who knows. If not, send us good energy vibes for our incredible 15 days we will have together!!

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