Improved Cookstoves Project

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first major project as a Peace Corps Volunteer will be an improved cook stoves project. This first project will be a project of 30 stoves equally divided amongst the three communities that I work in. This will put stoves in about one third of the houses in my communities. I was recently awarded a grant from the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, a state department initiative aimed at renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation on macro and micro scale climate in the developing countries of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. My project fits into this initiative because the stoves that Peace Corps are building reduce wood consumption by up to 40% and thus are reducing carbon dioxide emissions on a micro scale. Other added benefits include the removal of the thick smoke from cooking via a chimney, which will improve pulmonary health of the beneficiaries.  My grant paperwork is currently with the powers that be in Washington and I am waiting for my project funds to be wired to me so the process can begin.

            I have already selected a mason, selected potential recipients, and formulated work contracts that I plan on maintaining both with the recipients and my masons. This is a bit of a formality but it makes everyone involved realize this is legitimate and that they should take it seriously. The project involves community contributions as well as contributions that I put up using funds from the grant I was awarded.  Each recipient family will put up a non-refundable deposit for the program as well as several easily sourced, no cost construction materials as well as an able bodied person to learn how the stove is built so that they are experts on their own stove and can better troubleshoot problems later on down the line.

            I am extremely excited to get started with this project and am doing everything I can to get this project off the ground. I will update you all as of my progress once the funds arrive and the initial work can begin. 

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