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Improved Cookstove training

It has been quite some time since I last wrote in my blog. Sometimes I feel bad that I post so infrequently, but I know plenty of PCVs who are a lot worse at it than me. Oh well. It’s my blog, and I’m going to post on it when I feel like it!

Anyways, life has been drumming along quite nicely. In the month of October, I took my mason, Lin, to a training so that he can learn how to build the improved cook stoves that we are implementing as a project in my community. There were 10 volunteers invited, each of whom brought a Dominican mason along with them which would be working on the project with them. The training was held in a small community called Higuerito near the city of Santiago. It is in this town that PC/DR is working with an association of local artisans to produce the ceramic pieces necessary to create our stoves. What better place than at the factory itself to hold the training?



            All in all, the training went very smoothly and Lin is very excited to start building stoves in the community. He is a very diligent worker and has worked with Peace Corps volunteers in the past so he is familiar with doing construction projects of this sort. (This all makes my life a lot easier) We split into two groups and each built a stove over a two day period of time. At the end of each day were Q & A sessions for troubleshooting both the construction and tips for the volunteers on how to manage the projects in their sites. I think that everyone walked away from the training learning a lot. It was great to see other volunteers and meet some of their Dominican counterparts. Each volunteer was also sent home from the training with a set of ceramic parts to make a sample stove for the project. I am slated to get my full order of stove parts in January but until then, I have a sample stove I can build in the community to show off to everyone.Image

After the training, I headed to Santo Domingo to turn in grant paperwork for a future slated project.  As of right now, I will keep this project a secret. This project requires its own special blog post! That way all of my devoted readers will be kept in complete suspense! (Not really though, and that’s ok…. I think) I will say though that it is exciting, and it has a great potential to be interactive with you folks at home!

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