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Dry Composting Latrines

Hello Devoted Readers,

I am going to use today’s blog post as a bit of a soapbox. But please, bear with me. Today we are going to talk about Dry Composting Latrines. What the heck is that?

A dry composting latrine is a type of latrine that will compost all human waste deposited into it be allowing the natural decomposition process to occur in a closed sealed space which will leave behind safe, natural compost; free of bacteria and diseases. The latrine has a tank divided into 2 halves. When one half is being used, the other half is left alone for six months to allow the composting process to occur. These types of latrines are excellent for communities in developing countries who lack access to basic sanitation services, particularly in places with high water tables. My community of Tamarindo is definitely one of those places.

While my Improved Cookstove project is about to get going, I am preparing for another, different project down the line. I am aiming to build 35 dry composting latrines in my community. These latrines have the potential to last over 30 years and be an excellent long term solution to santiation services in such remote communities. For this project, I am using a grant program call the Peace Corps Partnerships Program (PCPP). This program helps connect interested donors in the U.S. with Peace Corps Volunteer projects abroad.

I am using just this sort of grant to find funding for my project. The community has already agreed to match every single dollar raised through labor donations, construction materials, as well as cash payments. This is an incredible opportunity for you all to help some people in need! As a personal touch, anyone who donates $50 or more will receive from me a picture of the family and their new composting latrine that they helped build.

I am hoping to break ground on this project by Fall 2013 and with your help we can get there! I currently have about 12% of my grant filled, so there is a long way to go. If you are interested in donating, please follow the link below.


With the Holiday season approaching, I ask you to take a moment and consider making a donation. Not for me, but for the people of El Tamarindo. After all, don’t we all deserve a safe, clean, reliable bathroom?

That’s all for now folks

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