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Belated Holidays Blog Post

Holy Crap!

It’s been more weeks than I would really like to admit since I updated my blog. This has a lot to do with the fact that I have had a lot going on! Lets first talk about Christmas and New Year’s. That was definitely a fantastic time here in the D.R. My incredible and amazing girlfriend, Marie came down to spend the holidays with me. We had 11 incredible, fun filled days here in the campo together. We decided long before Marie came out here that we were going to roast a whole pig on a spit to celebrate. So I bought a 74-pound pig and had it killed, cleaned, and gutted and speared on a giant spit. We roasted the sucker in my backyard in a homemade fire pit. It took somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 hours to roast it. It was quite an experience. Roasting the pig brought together about 30 or so of my neighbors to watch in awe. Pig roasts are common here in the D.R. but the people in community often do not have enough resources to roast an entire pig at once. I was blessed however, to have a master pig roaster as a nearby neighbor who led the entire affair. He just asked for two things: A liter or so of rum and the head of the pig when it was done. I made sure to comply with his demands.

Marie and Squibbs                                   Muchachos         

We put the pig to roast on the night of the 24th so that it would be ready to eat midday on the Christmas Day. To accompany our pig, the usual Dominican fare was created: Rice with green pigeon peas, a veggie salad they simply called mixed salad containing carrot, potato, egg, beets, and mayonnaise as well as a huge Casabe bread made from yucca. We washed the whole thing down with a case of beer. (Just an FYI, a case of beer in this country is 24 bottles each with 650ml of beer. So that’s more like 48 beers in the standard American size). My neighbors, Marie, and I were extremely happy to say the least. I have to say that it was probably one of the most enjoyable Christmas celebrations I have had in a long time even though I did not have anyone in my family there with me.



The week following Christmas was a great here in the campo, enjoy the beauty and tranquility with Marie. We went to the beach twice, swam in the local rivers, danced bachata, it was great. At the end of the week, we headed to Santiago to celebrate NYE. Marie’s plane was flying out on the 1st and we had to celebrate in the city closest to the airport so that she could make her flight the next day. We had an awesome night, watching the fireworks that were shot out over the city’s central monument. Lots of fun!

Arthur & Marie NYE 2012
It was extremely difficult to see Marie leave the following morning. I’m not sure if saying goodbye every time she visits is getting easier or harder. Sometimes it feels easier because I have an idea of the emotional rollercoaster that follows after putting her on the plane. On the other hand, we have such an incredible time here together that it doesn’t make sense why she just isn’t here with me all the time. I love the girl to bits and I wish sometimes that we didn’t have to have such distance between us. Our relationship could not be any stronger, it’s just hard sometimes.

To make matters worse, my poor kitty passed away the day that Marie had left. We had taken her to get spayed and there were some complications in her recovery that it made it very difficult for her to recuperate. We had her spayed on the 27th of December and brought her back to the vet on the 29th when she took a serious turn for the worst. We had to leave her there for several days to see if she would improve. Therefore, I left here when I took Marie to Santiago to send her home. So after coming home from dropping Marie off at the airport, I had to pick up my deceased kitten from the Vet’s office and take her home to bury her. I was not in a good place to say the least. I will miss you Squibbles you were an amazing kitty and I will never forget you.

It has been very hard transitioning back into life here to say the least with both Marie and my kitten gone. I have been doing my best to keep myself busy to try not to think about it too much. My stove project has been moving along nicely and I am looking forward to get my ceramic pieces so I can continue. I will have an update with that as soon as possible. Expect more blog posts very soon! In the mean time, enjoy some pork related pictures!

The Pig!  the master  posing

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