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Mistakes with a Machete

Today’s blog post is an example of how accurate the following quote is:

“Life is what happens when you are busy making plans” -John Lennon

About 3 weeks ago, I was helping my neighbor by chopping up some wood so that she could cook for her kids. Another neighbor, a Haitian Dona who likes to play jokes, sneaks up behind me and tries to scare me. She is unaware of the large machete that it is my hand. Her distraction causes me to slice my left hand open. First words that flood my head are “Oh S**t”. So I set off running to my house looking for my med kit, hand bleeding heavily. I bandage it with sterile gauze and a sock and call my project partner to come get me. It clearly needs stitching. We take a brisk motorcycle ride to the clinic. After having it stitched at the local clinic with no anesthetic of any kind (which was so much fun, mind you), I come home, quite upset of my mishap.

6 hours later when I go to take a shower, the tendon in my left thumb, at the site of the wound, pops. It is by far, the most excruciating pain I have ever felt from any sort of extremity injury. Knowing this is not good, I call my Peace Corps doctor who tells me to come into the capital to get it checked out. So on the day before I am to pick up Marie for a visit from the States, I go to Santo Domingo to have my hand checked out. The Orthopedic Surgeon tells me that I must have my tendon surgically reattached, but that it can wait until Marie leaves. So I need surgery but I can enjoy myself with Marie with no problems. Whew, crisis averted.


I was wrong.

Two days into Marie and I’s sunny beach vacation in Las Terranas, Samana, the doctor calls and said there has been a terrible mistake with the dates and that I must go to the capital immediately for surgery or else the tendon will retract too far making the whole thing extremely difficult to perform. After this news rocked our little paradise of a vacation that we had been planning for six months, Marie and I head to Santo Domingo for the surgery.

All in all, everything went well but I have been in cast for the remainder of Marie’s incredible visit here. I will have a cast on to isolate my thumb for a total of 4 weeks, followed by a brace. It is healing well and I will recover 100%. I don’t know how I could’ve gone through surgery in a foreign country without her. Her strength and her smile made the experience so much easier. Her patience with me only having one hand has been incredible. I am forever in her debt for being such a caring, understanding, and supporting partner. I feel unbelievably guilty for slicing my hand open days before she came. It makes me feel like a big klutz. But what can you do? Because life happens when you are busy making plans. I will leave you with a series of photo’s of our wonderful time together over Marie’s Easter visit.

The first one is house in Las Terrenas.

Image Our Matching MugsImageThe view from the monument in SantiagoImageSitting at the monument in SantiagoImagePlaya Las Ballenas in Las TerrenasImageSunset at Las BallenasImageThe view from the back porch in our las Terrenas houseImage

Playa BonitaImageImageMore from the monumentImageImageImage

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