Raising those funds…

Hello Faithful Readers,

Life here in the campo continues to roll along nicely. We are working hard to advance the improved cook stoves project that I am doing here in my community. I will definitely be posting pictures of the finished products soon so that all you faithful readers can see the wonderful work we are doing here. Here are just a shot of finished Duncan Model Improved Cookstoves so you believe me:



Today’s blog post may be more a shameful plug for myself. A few months, you may have read a blog post that I posted regarding and upcoming dry composting latrines project that I hope to do with my community here in El Tamarindo. Please take a peak at the previous blog post if you havent read it or are unfamiliar with dry composting latrines. 


Everyone here is very eager to see this project materialize here. The organizational and logistic aspects are being worked on here but what we still lack is a significant portion of funding.

This project is funded in part by a type of Peace Corps grant called a PCPP (Peace Corps Partnerships Program). Its an opportunity for you folks at home to donate whatever you can to an amazing project. 100% of every single dollar you contribute goes directly to the project. There are no overhead costs of any kind. We still need about $3800, and I would really love to see this project materialize here. Dry composting latrines are an incredible, sustainable solution to address the needs of basic sanitation services for communities located in remote areas. If you can donate, it would be going to an incredible cause. Please share this with whoever you can.  The link to donate is here:



With your help, the next time I post, it can be how incredible the flood of donations have been! I will continue to work hard here, staying positive and hoping that people out there in internet land will help a good cause when they see one. Thank you!

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