What an incredible Place!

I have now been in the D.R. for 6 days and I absolutely love this place! Life exists on such a different level here, but it is an incredible way to live one’s life! It was a surprisingly long and arduous journey to get here, but nonetheless I am here! We arrived on Wednesday around 3pm and were immediately whisked away to a religious retreat center where PCT’s spend their first night in country. I had to spend my first night in a mosquito night, which was an interesting sight all in itself! The next morning, for breakfast, I ate the most delicious tomato that I have eaten in years! YEARS! The tomatoes here make U.S. tomatoes look like absolute garbage. I’m not kidding. 12 hours into the journey and I am already knocking things from back home. Its weird, but I like what it is doing to my perspective on this world.  I can’t wait to find out more about this place!

Training is going well. I am working hard, and will post more specifics about training soon!

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2 thoughts on “What an incredible Place!

  1. Anka Ostrega

    kochanie, thrilled to see you so happy and excited! have a great time
    Mom, Babcia says hello and she is missing you

  2. Glad you were able to update on here! Save yourself some time while on the internet and pre-write some blog entires on MS Word. 🙂 Love hearing about your journey! Love you.

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